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Incheckysteem is a sponsor of Roundtable The Netherlands. Therefore, we have an exciting offer for every Roundtable that organizes an event and sells tickets.

Unforgettable Roundtable events with an amazing Sponsor

Discover the benefits of partnering with Inchecksysteem for your Roundtable event. As a proud sponsor of Roundtable The Netherlands, we are offering a special deal to every Roundtable in the Netherlands that organizes an event and sells tickets.

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If you want to use our system for your Roundtable, we have a few steps you need to follow. We understand that organizing an event can be time-consuming. Therefore, we have made the ticket-selling process as easy as possible for you.

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  2. Once we receive the information, we will set up the ticket webshop for you, allowing you to start selling tickets for your event.

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Martijn de Vries

Hi, I’m Martijn de Vries, an entrepreneur with a passion for events. At the age of twelve, I started building websites, and now, I have been running a successful online communication agency for over fifteen years. The result of my extensive experience is Inchecksysteem, a system designed to elevate events to a higher level by incorporating the latest developments in communication. Just when I was about to launch Inchecksysteem, we faced a challenge with the arrival of COVID-19. During that time, we successfully applied the system in both hospitals and the hospitality industry.

With pride, we announce that Inchecksysteem is the new partner of Roundtable The Netherlands! I have been a member of Roundtable The Netherlands for many years. After a creative brainstorming session with Collin, I became incredibly enthusiastic about a partnership. Now, we have entered into a fruitful collaboration, and we even changed the branding of Inchecksysteem to the beautiful orange color of Roundtable The Netherlands.