Discover our extensive range of functionalities! With us, you will find everything you need, from powerful tools for data analysis. Manage events effortlessly, automate processes, and enhance the experience for both organizers and participants. Opt for efficiency and innovation with our diverse functionalities!

Handy features for you as an event organizer

Get insight into your event

Number of tickets

With this functionality, you have the ability to obtain a comprehensive overview of all tickets created. This allows you not only to see which types of tickets have been sold but also to analyze the sales numbers by category. This enables you to accurately track trends and the success of different ticket categories, providing valuable insights for optimizing your event strategy and improving the overall user experience.

Sold extras

In the shop sales figures, a chart is displayed that visualizes the extras created. This chart provides clear insight into the popularity and usage of various extra options available in the shop. By analyzing this chart, you can identify trends and understand which extras are most popular with your customers. This allows you to better align your inventory with demand and optimize your offerings to meet the needs of your customers.


This section offers a comprehensive collection of statistics and data regarding the available options. With this functionality, you not only gain access to basic statistics but also delve deeper into the data to gain a thorough understanding of how the different options are performing. For example, you can conduct detailed analyses of sales figures, identify trends in the popularity of specific options, and even discover patterns in customer behavior regarding the use of these options. By studying these statistics, you can make strategic decisions to improve performance, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize the overall efficiency of your operations.

See who has been scanned

The system provides a detailed overview of scan activity for each ticket type offered, including ticket X. With this functionality, you can not only view the total number of scanned tickets for each ticket type but also specifically zoom in on the scan status of individual tickets. This means you can accurately track which purchased tickets have actually been scanned at the event entrance. By keeping track of this information, you can optimize access control, identify potential issues with duplicate or fraudulent tickets, and improve the overall security of your event. Additionally, this feature provides valuable data for analyzing access flows and planning operational improvements for future events.


The event app is fully customizable with colors and content to your preference. You have the freedom to choose what should be included in the app. Setting up the app is simple thanks to the many options available. The shortcut on the home screen after downloading is also customizable to your wishes.

Link to a good cause

When organizing a paid event and having linked your Mollie account, this also gives you the option to add a charity to the checkout process. This allows participants to enter an amount for donation to this charity during checkout. With this feature, you can not only organize your event but also make a positive impact by supporting a charity of your choice.

Handy features for your visitors

The convenience for your visitors

Keep your visitors up-to-date

Stay up-to-date during your event with our handy event app! Receive instant updates on delayed artists and room changes, thanks to our responsive design, regardless of your screen size or device. Make your event smooth and stress-free with our app!

Sharing information with visitors

A successful event starts with good communication! With our event website, you have everything you need to inform your visitors. Display activities, floor plans, and line-ups from the moment they arrive. Make your event unforgettable with our handy event website!

Reduce waiting times

Forget long queues and frustration! With our Check-in System kiosk, checking in becomes a breeze. Simply enter your name, ID number, and other relevant information, and within seconds, you’re done. Enhance customer experience, reduce waiting times, and build customer loyalty with our smart kiosk!

Even more functionalities

We are not standing still

Enhance your website with conversion pixel integration

A conversion pixel is an essential tool for you as a website manager, and now our Check-in System within the ticket tool offers you the opportunity to add this powerful functionality. With this integration, you can accurately measure the behavior of visitors on your website, from viewing pages to completing purchases. This provides you with valuable insights to sharpen your marketing strategies, analyze the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, and optimize your conversion rates. The addition of a conversion pixel through our Check-in System is a game-changer for you if you take your website performance seriously and aim for growth in both visitor numbers and revenue.

Reduce barriers for your customers

With our innovative Check-in System, you can disable the account requirement for ordering, allowing customers to place orders effortlessly without creating an account. Enhance the ordering experience and let customers immediately enjoy their products, without any obligation. Opt for full control over your ordering process with our Check-in System!

Tabler of Roundtable Ticket

Optimize your ticket sales

Prevent excessive purchases and ensure fair access to events by limiting the number of tickets an individual can buy. This gives your customers a fair chance to secure their tickets and prevents abuse of your system.

Boost your marketing

With our mailing list collection feature, you can quickly and effectively grow your customer base. Allow users to sign up for valuable updates, offers, and news with just one click while placing their order.

Direct personalization

Do you want to offer your customers a quick and seamless personalization experience? Our advanced Check-in System makes it possible! With the option for instant personalization, users can see the first step of personalization right after payment, even if you have disabled the account requirement for ordering.

Save on VAT

Do you want to reduce your event costs? Our advanced Check-in System makes it possible! With the “No VAT on the Event” option, you can easily offer VAT-free tickets and extras.

The easiest way to manage events

Inchecksysteem takes care of all the technical aspects of your event, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks such as growing your event.