Event E-tickets

Event E-tickets offer significant advantages compared to regular paper tickets. Curious about how our system can contribute to your event? Read on to learn everything you need to know about this option.

Various event E-ticket options

Opting for digital E-tickets allows you to differentiate between various attendees. For example, you may want to set up a special VIP section or offer an Early Bird promotion for those who book early. With the numerous booking options available, this is easily achievable. Personalizing and customizing the tickets is straightforward with our user-friendly interface. You can provide each target audience at the event with their own ticket, making access control much more straightforward.

Tabler of Roundtable Digitaal ticket
Tabler of Roundtable Ticket

Customize the design of your event e-tickets

In addition to creating various types of E-tickets, you have the ability to fully customize their design with us. From adding a header and logo to choosing specific colors and information for the E-tickets, there are countless design possibilities when it comes to designing an event E-ticket. Decide how it will look and choose the desired format for the tickets.

Secure payments

For event E-tickets, it is essential that payments are secure and seamless for attendees. With our reliable payment process, you can be sure that every visitor can order event E-tickets without any issues. The secure payment environment enables optimal support for visitors during their purchase. Payments are processed immediately, and your attendees will receive their event E-tickets in no time.

Insight into the event

A major advantage of digital event E-tickets is gaining more insight into the event itself. When attendees register their tickets using a QR code, a list of attendees is generated. This list allows you to closely monitor the number of people present and anticipate how many more will attend. This simplifies and speeds up the overall organization. You will be able to maintain control over the flow of attendees at your event, making it a must for larger organizations to effectively manage the event.

Follow-up after registration

After attendees have used their event E-tickets and checked in, you can provide them with follow-up information. This can be done after the event or immediately upon arrival. Examples include an overview of activities or a digital map visitors can consult. With various possibilities available, you can make it much easier for attendees upon entry.


The easiest way to manage events

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