Organizing a conference

When it comes to organizing a conference, the organization itself is the most crucial aspect. If the organization does not proceed smoothly, there’s a high chance that everything will fall apart. By choosing our system today, you can delegate all the work of organizing a conference. More about our services can be found below!

Easy check-in at the conference

Thanks to the special modules of our system, you can easily check in all participants of the conference. This allows you to synchronize everything related to organizing a conference with how it will actually unfold. This ensures that you know what to consider and what to expect on the day of the conference itself. Real-time updates ensure that the list of attendees is always up-to-date.

Tabler of Roundtable Ticket

Conference access tickets

Many conference organizers still use paper access tickets. However, this is no longer the most efficient approach. Nowadays, most access tickets are issued digitally. By choosing our system, your attendees can easily check in during the conference without the need for a paper ticket. Combined with a reliable payment method, this ensures much smoother access for the visitors to the conference.

Keep track of attendance

An addition to the check-in capabilities, it is possible to scan a special QR code on an e-ticket. If certain lectures are scheduled, you can see who will be present when checking in the tickets. As this is checked into the general registration list, you will have more insight into the number of people expected to attend while organizing a conference. After the event, you can provide all attendees with a survey or other follow-up.

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Share all information

During the conference itself, it is essential to keep visitors informed about the latest developments. From possible room changes to delays of certain speakers, by providing your attendees with an app, you can keep them up to date at all times. This allows you to provide all visitors with information that may be important during their visit. Your guests will appreciate knowing what to expect!

General automation

During the organization of a conference, you will almost always face time constraints; things rarely go as planned. Our system can change this situation. Thanks to the various automation possibilities, you can delegate all this work. This leaves you with time that you can spend on the aspects that truly matter when organizing a conference. More about the possibilities of this automation can be found on our website.


The easiest way to manage events

Inchecksysteem takes care of all the technical aspects of your event, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks such as growing your event.