Event email

When organizing an event, customer experience is the key focus. This is precisely why a follow-up email is crucial for any event. Want to enhance the customer experience even further? Our follow-up event email options allow you to achieve precisely that.

Send event emails to everyone

Sending a follow-up event email after the event is a simple way to leave a positive impression on the attendees. Our system is the ideal solution for identifying every visitor’s email address, as you may not know all attendees personally. With the registration of all visitors, you can easily obtain everyone’s email address. This makes it simple to send people a questionnaire or a thank-you message, for instance. With our system, you can ensure that everyone receives the follow-up email.

Persoonlijke e-mails versturen

Gather opinions through an event email

In the follow-up event email, you have the option to request that attendees fill out a questionnaire. This critical evaluation will provide valuable feedback, highlighting areas for improvement. If everyone had a positive experience, you will find out quickly. This option allows attendees to take their time reading the email and filling out the survey. Once completed, they can conveniently return the digital questionnaire to the event organizers.

Engagement with the customer

When attendees receive a follow-up event email, it immediately creates a positive impression. The email shows that the company is genuinely invested in its visitors, fostering stronger customer engagement. The follow-up event email allows attendees to reminisce about the event, bringing back all the good memories. This is the perfect way to secure loyal and repeat attendees.

Save manpower

Opting for our system enables significant savings in manpower during the event itself. You no longer need employees stationed at the exits to personally thank everyone. Instead, a simple follow-up event email suffices. This benefits both the staff and the attendees, as visitors can head home after a busy day and take their time to read the email at their convenience.

Professional and functional

Choosing our system ensures a professional approach in the follow-up event email to attendees. When visitors receive a follow-up event email after the event, they can expect a message with a professional look and feel. From integrated buttons to standardized questionnaires, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to sending a follow-up event email!

The easiest way to manage events

Inchecksysteem takes care of all the technical aspects of your event, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks such as growing your event.