75th Anniversary RT17 Zutphen


To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Round Table 17 (RT17) Zutphen, a network of 17 friends, is organizing a large party. The event aims to strengthen community bonds and raise funds for local charities.

Efficient guest registration and management to ensure a smooth running of the anniversary party and to guarantee the safety of the invitees.

Implementation of a digital check-in system with prior online registration and QR code scanning at the entrance.


  • Development of a web application: For registration and generation of digital access passes.
  • Check-in desks with QR scanning: For quick verification of guests upon arrival.
  • Volunteer training: For efficient use of the check-in system.


  • Rapid registration: Minimized waiting times and improved event experience.
  • Guaranteed safety: Accurate visitor registration supported compliance with safety regulations.
  • Useful future data: Provides insights for planning future events.

Inchecksysteem contributed to the success of the 75th anniversary of RT17 Zutphen, by ensuring a streamlined and safe event experience. This initiative underscores RT17’s commitment to community development and innovation.