Sinterklaasintocht De Kapitein


De Kapitein Almere, a well-known restaurant located at the Noorderplassen in Almere, utilized a Check-in System for their annual Sinterklaas procession. Inchecksysteem was designed to expedite visitor registration, ensure safety standards, and collect practical visitor data.

The project aimed to achieve an efficient registration process, improve safety, and gather data for future events.

The Check-in System was used for online pre-registration and QR code scanning at the entrance. This ensured a quick check-in and accurate visitor registration.


  • Development of the web application and QR code system.
  • Testing phase during a smaller event for optimization.
  • Full implementation during the Sinterklaas procession.
  • Informing visitors through online channels about the new system.

The system facilitated a smooth flow of visitors, accurately kept track of the number of attendees for safety purposes, and was positively received by the guests.

The introduction of Inchecksysteem at De Kapitein Almere for the Sinterklaas procession was a success, making events more efficiently organized. This opens the door for further digital innovations.